Specialty Gardens LLC
Frequently Asked Questions




Do you charge for estimates?

We provide free first time consultations at your location.



Does your services come with a guarantee?

Yes. All project outlines of work are presented to clients before work begins. If for any reason the work does not match the project outline, we will replace or adjust accordingly.



Does your plants come with a guarantee?

Yes. Our plants come with a 6 month guarantee.




Do you spray or fertilize trees?

No. We do not provide any type of chemical treatment service for trees.




Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. Please we provide to conveniently pay online, or you may pay by cash or check.




Is your company insured?

Specialty Gardens LLC is fully insured. Insurance certificates are available upon request.




Do you work in all types of weather?

We work in most types of weather during spring, summer, fall and winter seasons.

We do not work in lightning storms, hail storms, high winds, tornados or harsh climate conditions.




How do you dispose of waste generated waste products?

For every project we take on, job sites are thoroughly and completely cleaned at the end of every day. We take plant waste materials to appropriate recyclable areas to be disposed.

We’re also neighborhood considerate, we will not blow debris in other’s yards or block streets, driveways or create safety hazards with unattended equipment.