Sidewalk Gardens


You may ask, What is a sidewalk garden? A sidewalk garden is an idea of planting a flower or small shrub garden in front of your house along walkways or curbside. It can be a beautiful addition to any home if done with a little planning. Firstly, you don’t want anything that’s going to grow out onto the hardscapes, sidewalk or street. You also don’t want to plant anything that will prohibit parking or convenient access to through-ways or your home.

When considering a sidewalk garden, think about plants that will require low maintenance and tuff. What I mean by “low maintenance” is simply water when needed and adding fertilizer or bloom booster several times a season. You want to use plants that can take traffic and bounce back easily. If shrubs are considered, plan to trim occasionally to keep pathways and access clear. Also don’t plant anything with thorns or sharp leaves such as Barberry or Holly next to sidewalks or streets. 

Butterfly attracting plants such as Chrysanthemum, Coreopsis, Dianthus, and Echinacea (Cone Flower) are nice touches and can withstand direct sun. Sedum and direct sun loving annuals will work nicely too and fragrance perennials such as Lavender provides nice and soothing breeze scents. 

If there are trees in front your home, think about a beautiful shade garden with Hostas, Ferns and Astilbe. Use a rich dark mulch to inhibit weed or grass growth or use river pebble.

Use layering principles with smaller plants to front and larger to back. Undulating curves are nice and so are square or rectangular bed styles. Choose whatever plants and colors you like as long as they don’t grow to obtrusive and block pathways.

Choose sweeps of single or multi color to match your home’s front exterior. Add small evergreen textures for effect or simply create a collage of color and type, whichever appeals to your taste.

Sidewalks gardens are great ideas with endless possibilities. They’re small enough to easily manage and great for kids and family to participate. 

Have Fun!

Glen Williams
Is Chief Landscape Designer for Specialty Gardens LLC