Landscape dreams can become landscape nightmares with improper tree or large shrub placement. We’ve been called numerous times about taking out or removing shrubs and trees that’s growing into the house, uprooting patios and walkways, and shrubs that have simply gotten too big.

Let’s begin by identifying landscape design as neutral. As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. However, beauty and function go hand in hand. Landscaping design should be about aesthetics, enhancement and function. Let’s explore.

Landscape design engages the senses in a visually appealing way. Its goal should soothe and help create a sense of serenity that takes away stress and places one is a pleasant mood. The aesthetics of landscapes are undeniable ranging from nature to arboretums to botanical gardens to front and back yards. They provide beauty and identity of calmness that’s hard to acquire without living plants.

Landscaping can be defined as enhancing property or land. What was once a plain area can be transformed to a stimulating, inviting and peaceful setting that accommodates comfort, entertaining and provides a retreat from stress. Landscaping can often help sell homes and sometimes increase real estate value. Landscaping enhances the function of visual awareness where we enjoy its offerings.

Landscape function provides screening, direction, exposing, focus and comfort. Who would want an over growth of an abundance of plants growing wild on a patio where you couldn’t walk or see through, let alone the insects and bees. So, the function is an important process of the landscape design, which leads us back to Watch Where You Plant.

For large growing shrubs, carefully consider placement. Try to avoid planting large growing shrubberies close to walkways, entry ways, patios, garages and houses. They may seem small and cute when purchased, but consider what they’re going to look like in several years. Also consider the required maintenance for shrubs and trees where they’re located. Will they need constant trimming, pruning or all out removal from their placement.

Also consider security issues. Trees and large growing shrubs provide ample cover for people and animals. Try to have clear views of your yards and surroundings. Visability is low on some properties at night, do not add blocking plant growth that limits sight.

Use planning whenever new trees, shrubs and plants are being installed and consider their location and advantage. Planning also helps with determining which plant will work best with your taste and function and remember to always ask about various species when unsure. Don’t go it alone and hope for the best, you can either waste a lot of time, money and pride or you can gain satisfaction, fulfillment, and be the envy of the neighborhood. (smile)

Glen Williams
Is Chief Landscape Designer for Specialty Gardens LLC 

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