Regardless of where you live, everyone wants a nice backyard to spend some time. This is why adding and updating backyard patios are hot topics for adding value to your home. You may have been waiting for the right time and the right idea to come your way to start sprucing up your outdoor living space. But with so many ideas and options to choose from, where do you begin?

The above two-sided free standing block system takes that easy- to-build-anything concept to the next level. With three basic shapes, AB Dublin, AB York and a Corner Block you can stack up some amazing projects of your own. The patented raised rings on the tops of the blocks, lock them together just like when you were a kid. With such versatile pieces you may be thinking, “That’s great! But what can I build?” While the answer is simple; just about anything, it might be a bit overwhelming to decide which project to build first. So here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:


Patio Surrounds – every patio can use some dressing up. Whether you have an existing concrete patio or are adding a new paver patio to your yard, a small seating wall can add beauty, dimension and flair; not to mention the added seating area for the extra entertaining you will do to show it off.


Fire Pits & Ponds – Fire and water are two of the most popular elements to add to any outdoor space. Both are self-contained and add beauty and tranquility to your outdoor rooms.


Let’s start at the beginning, remember the good old days of your childhood, sitting with a pile of wooden blocks or LEGO® blocks all around you? You could sit for hours stacking and re-stacking those blocks to build all sorts of wonderful little projects. You could create amazing elements and places all with a few basic shapes and simple stacking pieces. So how do those blocks of your childhood, translate into the backyard of your dreams?

While each requires its own set of added materials, both can be created with the AB Courtyard blocks. Build something round or square – depending on your space and your style.


Entrance Pillars & Light Posts – Don’t have a lot of space? Or perhaps you just want to add some smaller elements to get started? An AB Courtyard post may be just the thing. By using one simple block shape – the AB Corner – you can build posts or columns to decorate an entranceway, add style to a simple fence or by placing a light fixture to the top; bring a little illumination to your outdoor entertaining. These are so simple to build you may be tempted to add them all over your yard!


These are just a few of the easy to build projects you can create with your own two hands. For a list of more project ideas, check out the other Weekend Projects at The right time to spruce up your space is now and the best option to do it is AB Courtyard – the best building block for the outdoors.


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